Massage & Bodywork

Thai Yoga Massage

with Ralf Marzen

a unique form of bodywork done on a futon on the floor involving acupressure, gentle rocking and passive yogic stretching. Ralf’s treatments have been recommended by Times Online, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Telegraph and OM Yoga Magazine.

booking: email or call/text 07804445131
fees: 1 hour treatment: £70
1 ½ hour treatment:£100

Deep Tissue, Sports and Remedial Massage

with Henry Johnson

Whether you need relief from stress, muscular pain and restriction or simply want to relax, each massage treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

To book, email or call/text 07921 137595
Fees: 1 hour treatment : £60
1½ hour treatment : £85


with Vanessa Forner

Reiki works as a ‘tuner’ harmonising all the music inside your body, working from the detail to the whole, and from the whole to the detail, making sure all the ‘rhythms’ and ‘notes’ are in tune with each other.

Fees: 30min treatment  £25
3 sessions of 30min £60
60min treatment  £45
3 sessions of 60min £110


Craniosacral Therapy

with Anne Hebbron

A gentle, non-invasive therapy that supports your body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself. Especially helpful for stress-related disorders and when experiencing acute pain.

To book, please call or text Anne : 07941 918490

Fees: 1 hour treatment : £60

1½ hour treatment : £85

Holistic, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Massage, Yoga

with Cinzia Cavedon

An eclectic mix of skills from subtle energy work to deep tissue massage with the profound healing effect of the hot stones. Adapting each treatment to the clients’ need she focuses on releasing stiffness and pain while relaxing, energising and rebalancing their entire system, leading them eventually to an enhanced sense of well-being.

To book: Email


60 mins treatment : £60 ( £42*)

40 mins Treatment : £50 (35*)

Promotional offer* : 30% off on 1st Treatment

Holistic, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Massage, Yoga

with Ratna Dey-Cordukes

Ayurvedic Practitioner that uses simple and realistic methods to introduce Ayurvedic concepts so one can truly “experience” the health benefits Ayurveda has to offer. Her main interest is in Mental and Emotional health issues and works with a special programme – “Clear, Cleanse, Create” to get good results.

To book: Email


Initial consultation £75 (1 hour)

Ayurvedic Full Body Treatment from £65 (1hour) to £95 (1 ½ hours)

Indian Head Massage £45 40 minutes

Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy

Somatic Experiencing and NARM Trauma Therapy

with Ralf Marzen

SE (Somatic Experiencing) and NARM are body oriented therapies that work with  the effects of shock, trauma and stress. By accessing awareness of the body, they  reconnect us with our own natural healing capacities, so that both physical and  emotional symptoms of traumatic events can be released. 

Booking: email or call/text 07804445131

Somatic Psychotherapy

with Clare Myatt

Psychotherapy harnessing the wisdom of the body and concerned with integrating body-mind-spirit for greater ease with moods, emotions and difficult situations.

Booking: email or call/text 07894 714853
Fees: on request (depending on length/scope of work); complimentary taster session available to explore possibilities at outset

Somatic Experiencing (SE) Trauma Therapy

with Maggie Richards

A pioneering naturalistic approach to resolving chronic traumatic stress patterns, based on the work of Waking The Tiger author, Dr Peter Levine. Rather than reliving or analysing the past, SE works  primarily on the physical level to safely release highly charged flight/fight survival energy ‘frozen’ in the body, potentially freeing you of your symptoms. It treats the (overwhelmed) nervous system, not the past.

Booking: email or call/text 0794 121 8662
Fees: £85 per 1-hour session.

Breakthrough Sessions with Hypnotherapy and NLP

with Patrick Cave

Fast, fun, dynamic therapy sessions to leave behind what you have outgrown or no longer want and to change the results you have been getting in every part of your life.

Whatever you are ready to change now, from fears, phobias and anxieties, to addictions and obsessions, from work-related issues to self-image and personal relationships, call or mail to see how Master of Hypnotherapy and NLP Patrick can help you. 07900 956002

Private Meditation + Mindfulness

with Maggie Richards