Somatic Experiencing® Stress & Trauma Therapy

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy in the City of London, EC2

Some of the latest developments in brain science and mind-body medicine reveal that root to resolving stress and trauma – physical, emotional and psychological – is the body. Because it is there that traumatic stress is stored, and not in the everyday ‘thinking’ mind.
This explains why we think in one way (‘I’m not scared’) but act (tense chest, clenched jaw) in another. And why certain people and situations trigger us but we don’t know why they do.

A naturalistic and non-analytical form of talking therapy, Somatic Experiencing works with the body – not the past – to resolve traumatic stress ‘frozen’ in the nervous system and safely release it. By bringing about biological completion of a trapped fight/flight response, the body can guide us out of a chronic trauma response and free us to develop new, healthier and happier ways of being.

SE can work to resolve:
  • habitual hypersensitivity/overreaction
  • physical wounds such as medical interventions and auto accidents
  • sexual trauma – abuse, attack, rape, incest
  • loss of a loved one, divorce
  • natural disasters such as floods, earth quakes, tsunamis
  • high fever, asphyxiation, birth trauma
  • developmental trauma or emotional trauma such as neglect, abandonment or betrayal during childhood.

Maggie Richards has been a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner since 2010 and offers SE sessions to adults and couples at StillPoint. 0794 121 8662,

Fee: £85 per hour-long session. Booking terms and conditions apply. For a free 20-minute consultation, call 0794 121 8662 or email Maggie.