Thai Yoga Massage in City of London, EC2

Thai Yoga Massage in City of London, EC2With Ralf Marzen

StillPoint offers Thai Yoga Massage for people living & working in the City of London, EC2 area. Thai Yoga Massage is a form of bodywork that is done on a futon on the floor with the client dressed in light clothes. It works on freeing the flow of vital energy in your body. You will be taken through a series of gentle movements, acupressure, and passive stretches. Thai Yoga Massage improves posture, breathing, flexibility, digestion and circulation. Your muscles get stretched, your inner organs toned, and emotional nervous tension drops away. Often a deep sense of quiet can be experienced during and after treatment.

Thai Yoga Massage is particularly beneficial for:

  • pregnancy
  • headaches
  • back pain
  • nervous tension
  • fatigue
  • digestive problems
  • shoulder and neck tension
  • joint pain
  • insomnia and other stress related conditions

“I can thoroughly recommend Ralf Marzen, a wonderful Thai Massage practitioner with over 12 years experience. He’s got great sensitivity and strength in equal measure, and a treatment with him left my muscles suitably evened out and my mind becalmed.” Times Online

“The biggest thank you for  a truly  most amazing bodywork treatment !!! I honestly can say your hands and intention and skill are the finest I have experienced in all the 25 years of massages that I have had. You are blessed and I feel so privileged to experience your depth of beautiful work.. I really do. My body feels lighter,  lifted,  nourished and cared for – ready to face the world again.” Andrea L.

“I had an extraordinary Thai Massage with Ralf Marzen. A truly transcendental experience, highly recommended, he’s very tuned in. After one session I felt like I’d spent several hours meditating AND doing yoga AND having a deep massage.” Sandra J.

“After one of these treatments, all my knots and cares are gone. Highly recommended!” Nahid de Belgeonne, Director, Good Vibes Power Plates Studios

“Thank you for the truly amazing massage, it was such a powerful transmission. I’ve never experienced massage bringing me into such a spiritual place before. I was tired on the way back and slept like a log and woke up today feeling really refreshed. Today I feel very calm and my head feels clear, like all the clutter’s been cleared out. My body feels really open, too.” – Pamela B.

Ralf Marzen is an advanced Thai Yoga Massage practitioner with more than 12 years experience practicing and teaching this ancient art. His treatments have been recommended by Times Online, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Telegraph and OM Yoga Magazine.

FEES: 60 min treatment: £70

90 min treatment: £100

120 min treatment: £130

To book a session call or text 0780 444 5131 or email us by clicking here.