Reiki for all conditions - ‘The Tuner ’ with Vanessa Forner

Millions of ‘notes’ (electrical pulses) per second have to be played in our body to perform its functions. Reiki works as a ‘tuner’ harmonising all the music inside your body, working from the detail to the whole, and from the whole to the detail, making sure all the ‘rhythms’ and ‘notes’ are in tune with each other. That’s how it helps every condition.

Vanessa is a qualified Reiki Master, practitioner and teacher, trained on the Usui Shiki Ryoho system, member of the UK Reiki Federation.


Interested in the ‘sea’ of energetic fields that affects every day life, her studies have guided her from the power of crystals and devices ‘Orgonites’ that help minimising external pollution to the depths of the mind and emotions that are the responsible for the internal pollution.

In her therapy she uses pure and simple Reiki energy, helping balance the energetic field of the person. With a balanced energy every condition can be improved, the client feels stronger and happier and from there she encourages and guides her clients in daily techniques to keep that balance and improve it for themselves; leading them to a better quality of life on every level.

Her work is to balance your work is to make the necessary changes with your own power, her help and Reiki energy.


“I had been aware of Reiki for some years, and despite my curiosity it took me 10 years before I was willing to give it a decent trial of a few sessions over a course of as many weeks. By the second session I was totally switched to validity of such therapy. I can distinctly feel the mental and physical benefits days after each session and appreciate that this is also due to innate healing qualities which Vanessa possesses.

At the very least I always feel relaxed after each session; the frenetic pace of city life is simply washed into a calmed focus and the weekly to do lists become far more manageable. I deeply recommend trying Reiki with Vanessa and am believe in all likelihood you too will make Reiki a regular part of life.”

Martha G.

“Being a person who already believes in the possibilities of energy healing, I was open to the experience of Reiki.  Having said that, the effects were amazing and surprising, as after only three sessions, my ailment has basically disappeared.  I felt a sharp pain in my knee every time I put pressure on it, which no longer exists.  The session itself was very relaxing, yet deep, with an undeniable presence of heat energy. I left feeling energised, yet relaxed. To put it simply, all that is required from you is an open mind and trust in Vanessa’s abilities, the results will come.”

Alexandra J.


30min treatment  £25
3 sessions of 30min £60
60min treatment  £45
3 sessions of 60min £110


Reiki Courses




April 2016

2-day course

Sunday 3 April: 10am to 5pm

Sunday 10 April: 4 to 6pm

June 2016

2-day course

Sunday 5 June: 10am to 5pm

Sunday 19 June: 5.30 to 7.30pm

August 2016

2-day course

Sunday 7 August: 10am to 5pm

Sunday 14 August: 4 to 6pm

October 2016

2-day course

Sunday 16 October: 10am to 5pm

Sunday 23 October: 4 to 6pm

December 2016

2-day course

Sunday 4 December: 10am to 5pm

Sunday 11 December: 4 to 6pm

Fee: £85

Students get 10% off

From the level 1 you can connect to the Reiki energy and use it for yourself and others via hands on healing.

Before the date is important to do a 21 days energy clearing, if you are interested please contact me and I will send you some information about how to get ready.


May 2016

Sunday 15 May: 10am to 5pm

August 2016

Sunday 28 August: 10am to 5pm

November 2016

Sunday 6 November: 10am to 5pm

Fee: £85

Students get 10% off

In the level 2 some ancient symbols are taught. These symbols increase the flow of energy when used and have specific functions. In this level you also learn to do distant healing.


October_November 2016

3-day course

Sunday 30 October: 10 to 5pm

Sunday 13 November: 10 to 5pm

Sunday 27 November 10 to 1pm

Fee: £200

Students get 10% off

In The level 3 additional Reiki symbols and the Master Symbol are taught; they have specific functions and increase the flow of energy when used. In this Level you also learn how to attune others.

Read more about it in, inside the  blog  you would find some inspiration, I organize regular Reiki shares for practitioners to promote the use of it.

You can reserve your space by email at and by paying a £25 deposit at the bottom of the following page: