About StillPoint

StillPoint is a unique centre for holistic therapies and meditation in the heart of the City of London. We provide an oasis of relaxation, wellbeing and support to visitors in an area where stress levels run high. It is not natural for human beings to experience as much tension as we do in a 21st century urban environment. Our aim and vision is to inspire and help people find more balance in themselves and in their busy lives. All our therapists and teachers are highly trained and have years of experience, so whether you’re coming to release tension out of your body or find more peace of mind, you will be in very good hands.


Ralf Marzen, founder and director of StillPoint, says, “Taking care of your physical, emotional and spiritual needs is no luxury but essential. If we don’t balance the fast pace of life with times of rest and meditation, we end up like hamsters in a wheel…always running but getting nowhere.”

With StillPoint we offer the community a space where you can relax, recharge your batteries and find spirituality in daily life.